Hello = Sawa dee
Thank you (man says) = Kob Khun Krap
Thank you (woman says) = Kob Khun Ka
How are you? = Khun sabai di mai?
I am fine thanks = (man says) Pom sabai di krap.
I am fine thanks= (woman says) Chan sabai di ka.
Basically women say "ka" at the end of a sentence
while men say "krap".
You're welcome = Yin dee krap / ka
Wait = Roh sakru
I= pom (man)
I= chan (woman)
Come = ma
Come from = ma jak
I come from Australia = Pom ma jak pratet Australia (man)/
Chan ma jak pratet Australia (woman)
I love Thailand = Pom/chan rak Meuang Thai.
I love you= pom/chan rak khun

muaythai trainer

The word leu = past tense meaning it has happened already. The word is used at the end of the sentence to say something already happened.

I have come= ma leu
Go = pai
Gone already = pai leu
Go where = pai nai
Go soon = pai diauni
room= hong
water= nam
Toilet = hong nam
Where is the toilet? = hong nam yu nai?
to enter= kao
heart= jai
to understand = kao jai (literally: to enter the heart)
don't understand = mai kao jai
young thai fighter     Eat = gin
Drink = deun
Food = ahan
Candies= kanom
Have eaten already? = gin leu mai krap/ka?
Rice = kao
to eat= kin kao (literally: eat rice)
I am hungry = pom/chan heeu kao
Are you hungry? = Khun heeu kao mai?
Tasty = aroy
I have eaten already thanks = Pom/chan kin leu krap/ka
I am full thank you = Pom/chan im leu krap/ka
young thai boxer    
I dont know = Mai ru
want = ao
don't want = mai ao
now = ton ni
today = wan ni
tonight = keun ni
this morning = chao ni
tomorrow = prung ni
yesterday = Meua wan
hour= mong
what time is it? = Ton ni gi mong?

tuk manager of Rawai gym     water = nam
hard= keng
ice = nam keng (hard water)
hot water = nam ron
cold water = nam yen
waterfall = nam toc
rain = fon
raining = fon toc
shower = ab nam
maybe / perhaps = Bang ti
play = len
speak = pud
funny = sanuk
I know = pom/chan ru
I don't know = pom/ chan mai ru
everything = took sing
large = yai
small = lek
fast = reu, slow = cha
muay thai trainer in Rawai camp

crazy =ba
you are crazy = khun ba
very/ a lot= mak
you are very crazy = khun ba mak
stupid = ting tong
you are stupid = khun ting tong

have = mi
I have = pom/chan mi
I don't have = pom/chan mai mi
you have = khun mi
you don't have = khun mai mi
can not hear you = mai dai yin khun
I can hear you = pom/chan dai yin khun
young thai fighter
    work = tam ngan
I want = this can be said many ways: pom/ chan ao; pom/ chan tong karn; pom/ chan yak
I think = pom kid wa
why = tam mai
I am sick = pom/ chan mai sabai
good= di
heart= jai
happy = di jai (literally good heart)
I am happy = pom/ chan mi cuam suk; or pom. chan sabai di
I am not happy = pom/ chan mai sabai di
young thai fighter
    broken= sia
I am sad = pom/ chan sia jai (literally I have a broken heart)
I am sorry = pom/ chan koh tot
I am confused = pom/chan sap son
never mind = mai pen rai
a lot / very = mak
hurt / pain = jeb
I am full = im leu
I forget = Pom/ chan leum leu
where is = yu nai
over there = ti nun
here = ti ni
what= arai
when = meua arai
friend = peuang
good friend = peuang di
problem = pang ha
I have a problem = pom/chan mi pang ha

Ronee, trainer at the gym    
afraid = klua
frightened / scared = pom/chan klua
smells bad = min
good = di
very good = di mak
bad = mai di
weather= akas
hot weather = akas ron
cold wind = lom yen
strong wind = lom reng
bathroom / toilet = hong nam
shower = ab nam
young thai fightersin Rawai     to look = du
to see = hen
again = ik krang
to tell a lie = pud go hok
shit= ki
lies a lot = pud ki mak (literally speaks shit a lot)
to promise = hai sanya
sorry = ko tot
to sleep = non/ lap
to wake up = teun
eyes= ta
to close your eyes (go to sleep)= lap ta
dreams= fan; good night= lap fan di
muaythai kick bags
Boxing vocabulary:
boxing = muay
Thai boxer = nak muay
warrior = nak su
to box= som muay
elbow = fan sok; punch = chok
front kick = teep
to win = chanak; to lose: peh
good luck = chok di
gloves: nuam
hand wraps: pad meu
mouth guard: fang yang
young children want to learn muay thai    
A Few Simple Tips:
To make a question just add mai at the end.
To make the negative add mai at the beginning.

Are you hungry? = khun heeu kao mai?
Are you happy ? = khun di jai mai?
Do you have a boy friend ? = khun mi fen leu mai?
I don't understand = mai kao jai
(literally means "doesn't enter the heart")
no thanks = mai ao krap/ka
I don't know = mai ru krap/ka
I don't like it = mai chob krap/ka
Wod teaching     eyes = ta
lips = pak
to love= rak
face= na
pretty = na rak (literally lovely face)
beautiful = sway
hansome = loh
breasts = nom
kiss = jup
like = chob
You are very beautiful = khun sway mak
You are very pretty = khun na rak mak
Young Thai boxers learning muay thai
What is your name? = khun cheu arai?
You have a beautiful smile = khun mi yim sway
Happy to meet you = pom mi cuam suk ti dai pop khun
See you again = leu pop khun
Do you have a boy friend? = khun mi fen leu mai?
I like you = pom/chan chob khun
What are you thinking? = khun kid arai?
I am shy = pom ki ai
You look good = khun sway di
You look beautiful = khun sway mak
I will love you a long time = pom/chan rak khun nan leu
Come watch a movie with me = pai du nang kap pom/chan mai?
Come eat with me = pai kin kao kap pom/chan mai?
muay thai gym    
Bad Words / Swear words in Thai Language
stupid = ting tong
pickle brain = samong dong
dumb/ brainless = mai mi samong
bad person = jai dam (literally black heart)
hot headed = jai ron (literally hot heart)
thief = kamoy
female muay thai fighter
(1) = neung
(2) = song
(3) = sam
(4) = si
(5) = ha
(6) = hok
(7) = chet
(8) = pet
(9) = kao
(10) = sip
(11) = sip et
(12) = sip song
(13) = sip sam
(14) = sip si
(15) = sip ha
(20) = yee sip    

(21) = yee sip et
(22) = yee sip song
(23) = yee sip sam
(24) = yee sip si
(25) = yee sip ha
(30) = sam sip
(40) = si sip
(50) = ha sip
(60) = hok sip
(70) = chet sip
(80) = pet sip
(90) = kao sip
(100) = neung roi
(150) = neung roi ha sip
(500) = ha roi
1000) = neung pan
1500) = neung pan ha roi
(2000) = si pan
(5000) = ha pan

Rawai Muay Thai Camp gloves
Telling Time in Thai

2 am = ti song
3 am = ti sam
4 am = ti si
5 am = ti ha
6 am = hok mong chao
7 am = chet mong chao
8 am = pet mong chao
9 am = kao mong chao
10 am = sip mong chao
11 am = sip et mong
mid day = tiang

1 pm = bai neung
2 pm = bai song
3 pm = bai sam
4 pm = si mong yen
5 pm = ha mong yen
6 pm = hok mong yen
7 pm = neung tum
8 pm = song tum
9 pm = sam tum
10 pm = si tum
11 pm = ha tum
midnight = tiang kheun


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